Size Your Pool Heater!

Pool Heaters are a great way to get the pool up to the inviting temperature you like when you swim. Warm water on demand will make this piece of pool equipment the perfect choice for extending your swimming pool season on both ends.

Browse our pool heaters by the following categories or use our heater sizing calculator to return the pool heaters that fit your swimming pool perfectly. We recommend choosing a pool area (square footage) greater than that of your pool to heat the water up faster while using the same amount of fuel.

Above Ground Pool Heaters


Inground Pool Heaters


"Perfect Pool Heater" Sizing Calculator:

Answer The Following Questions To Find The Right Pool Heater!1. Choose The Surface Area Closest to That of Your Swimming Pool:

sq.ft. (Learn How To Calculate Surface Area) *

*Selecting a surface area GREATER THAN that of your pool will return heaters that will heat your water FASTER!.

2. Which type of fuel will you be using?

Natural Gas Liquid Propane (How Should I Choose?)

3. Which type of ignition would you prefer?

Millivolt Electronic Ignition (What's The Difference?)

4. Do you live in CA or TX?

Yes No (Why Are We Asking This?)

5. Do you live above 2,000 ft above sea level?

Yes No (What Does Altitude Have To Do With It?)